What We Do

Our work with children and families

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Nurse examining a child


Chisomo’s work with children living and working on the streets is based from its drop-in centres – one in Blantyre and one in Lilongwe.


Kids eating healthy food

From these centres, staff go out on to the streets to find the children, establish contact and begin to engage with them.

Once a trusting rapport is built, then staff can explain about Chisomo and the services available to the children.


Children attend catch up lessons as they prepare to move back home and return to school

This enables the children to make positive choices and better access their basic human rights to safety, health, education, safe family and a future with hope.

Chisomo works in collaboration with and takes referrals from the Malawi Police and  Victim Support Units,  the Social Services Department and other NGOs and churches.


Older children are able to follow their interests and access vocational training so they can become independent

Chisomo has recently re-established its  “diversion” programme where children in conflict with the law can be diverted from the legal system, and be able to return home and be monitored by the staff to ensure their progress at school, thus keeping them out of the criminal justice system.

In accordance with the constitution of Malawi and International best practice, Chisomo staff always explore first the possibility of children returning to their own biological family or extended family, as long as this is safe to do so.


Please give to Chisomo Children’s Club

Older children are helped to look at wider options that might include education, vocational training or on the job training with the aim that they move to independent living and become productive and useful citizens of Malawi.

The drop-in centres are busy places!


Life skill lesson help children learn important skills around staying safe, communications, behaviour change, how to stay healthy, relationships and self-esteem. These skills are critical as they children move from the street and back to the community.

The children can find a safe place to sleep, good nutritious food, medical care, catch-up education, life-skill lessons and most importantly, a social worker to talk to and discuss their concerns with as well as work out a plan for the future.


Chisomo helps support a number of Community Based Childcare centres. These centres help to build healthy families and get children off to a good start in life and on the road to education.

And best of all – a place where children can be children again and have some fun and recreation and sports!


Children versus staff football match


Children able to relax, have fun and play the traditional game of Mbau

Advocacy work / Our staff team


Chisomo is becoming increasingly active in helping to build stronger networks with others who work with highly vulnerable children


The staff team of over 40 staff is headed up by Mr. Charles Gwengwe



Staff are encouraged to build their knowledge and skills so that they can deliver the best care possible to the children and families



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