About Us



The staff team of over 40 staff is headed up by Mr. Charles Gwengwe

Chisomo Children’s Club aims to bring about long-term change in the lives of girls and boys who are living and/or begging on the streets of Malawi.

It enables the children to have a hope and a future through developing their physical, spiritual, material, mental and emotional capacity, thus escaping dependency. It promotes justice, helping children to access their rights and understand their responsibilities.



At Chisomo we value:

  • Putting children first – the holistic development of the child is our first priority
  • Participation – of the children, families and staff in every stage of the programme
  • Long-term change – building the dignity, confidence and responsibility of the child and family in escaping dependency
  • Justice – fair and just treatment for all children, protecting them from abuse and enabling their voices to be heard
  • Trust, openness and accountability – in relationships to and from children, staff, board, donors and others; in finances; in information; and in ideas
  • Acceptance and love – shown through perseverance, flexibility, forgiveness, non-discrimination, and gender sensitivity
  • Excellence – efficiency, high quality and effectiveness
  • God’s involvement – His love, wisdom, guidance and power in everything we do

Please give to Chisomo Children’s Club

Chisomo Children’s Club is a Non-Government Organisation registered with the Malawi government, and working in collaboration with the Ministry of Gender, Children, Disability and Welfare.

Chisomo is a faith-based organisation that was first established as a ministry that grew out of the Living Waters Church. It is now run by a board of trustees and a board of governance and has its own constitution.


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